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The best 3D printed hoodies catalog

At 3DHoodies.net you can find the largest catalog of these trendy and popular hoodies. We look for the most demanded products for you, we find the best articles available on the internet, reviewing the opinions of buyers and testing the quality of the products ourselves. In addition, we search for you the lowest possible price. Our goal is that you get the best quality-price possible in those 3D Hoodies that you like the most. In addition, in most of our products you can enjoy free shipping and in 24/48 hours thanks to our collaborators. We try to keep our catalog constantly updated, including the most sought-after hoodies by consumers:

– For men: The best models for him

– For women: Models with special shaping and sizing in order to perfectly fit the body of her

– For kids: Small sizes for the little boys and girls of the family


What 3D Hoodies are?

They are garments similar to traditional sweatshirts. However, they present a fundamental difference in their design that have made them a very popular accessory in recent years. An accessory that we see more and more on the street and on all social networks.

Unlike traditional sweatshirts, which feature much more basic and simple designs, the hoodies you can find on our website have a three-dimensional design, printed throughout the entire garment without any type of cut. In other words, the design is continued uniformly throughout all parts, including the sleeves and hood.

If you want to be trendy, or you are bored of the typical simple sweatshirts that do not present any type of attraction other than a small embroidered logo, these 3D graphic hoodies are for you. They are becoming increasingly popular, especially as merchandising. You can find the best designs from your favorite series, from your football or basketball team or even from the best superheroes.

3D Hoodies

How are they made?

To make the designs perfect, these 3D Hoodies are printed with a special technique that allows colors to be perfectly maintained in the fabrics used in manufacturing.  This same technique prevents the colors from fading, cracking or peeling, even after several washes.

 To make the designs to match perfectly, they are printed on the fabrics before sewing. Thanks to this method, an uniform pattern is achieved both on the front and back, as well as on the sleeves, hood and front pocket.

Which materials are used?

To provide the best possible quality, comfort and durability, these hoddies are manufactured using a combination of Polyester (85%) and Spandex materials (15%). This combinations allow us to achieve the following characteristics:

Comfort: The hoodies are comfortable to wear. They are light and allow great freedom of movement.

Quality: This combination of materials ensures great quality and durability, even after many washes.

Color preservation: After several attempts, it has been found to be the best composition to ensure that the vivid and colorful designs of these 3D sweatshirts remain intact.

Elasticity: The Spandex materials make the sweatshirts slightly stretchy, allowing them to fit the body perfectly and offering extra comfort.

What about sizing?

Since our products come from many different sellers, they may show different sizing characteristics. In every product, if you click the button “Buy Product” or “Check Sizes” you will be redirected to the page of the seller, where you can check the different size options with their different characteristics. However, our hoodies always show the same sizing options:

S/M: Length: 27.2″; Shoulder: 19.7″; Chest: 47.2″; Sleeve: 24.8″.
L/XL: Length: 28″; Shoulder: 20.5″; Chest: 50″; Sleeve: 25.2″.
XXL: Length: 29.5″; Shoulder: 21.3″; Chest: 51.2″; Sleeve: 27.2″.

As an advice, if you like your hoodies to look oversized, we recommend you to go one size bigger than your actual one.


The main three types of products that you can find on our website are:

– Hoodies

– Sweatshirts (without hood)

– Jaket Hoodies

What are the best-selling 3D Hoodies?

In our section “Most Searched 3D Hoodies” you can find the most demanded and sought-after models by consumers and, therefore, those that sell the most. Currently, some of the coolest and awesome 3D sweatshirts are:

3D Anime Hoodies: Designs based on Anime and Manga series such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece or many others are highly demand by consumers.

3D Animal Print Hoodies: Animal-based designs (mainly wolves, tigers, lions, horses, bears…) are also in high demand.

3D Band Hoodies: Merchandising from bands and music groups is also very popular on our website.

3D Sports Hoodies: One of the most demanded category are NFL Hoodies, very popular among our american consumers.

Custom 3D Hoodies: Some consumers also look to create their own custom clothes, printing their own 3D design.

Videogames: Videogame-related clothes are also a best seller. One of the best examples are Fortnite hoodies.

Where to buy them

Despite the popularity that this accessory is getting lastly, it is difficult to find a great variety in physical stores. Therefore, the best option is to buy your hoodie online, where you will find hundreds of available models and better prices.

When buying online, we do not recommend pages such as AliExpress or Ebay because the quality of the products it is not the best and  because their customer service, which is quite poor. Also, in most of the cases you will have to wait several weeks to receive your orders.

For that reason, in 3DHoodies.net we only collaborate with Amazon to help you buy your sweatshirts. In addition to working exclusively with quality vendors (in many cases the manufacturer itself), they offer a great after-sales service, simple returns and trust. In this way, if you are not satisfied with your product, you can always return it and recover your money in a few hours.


Usually, the hoodies you will find on our website will be included on Amazon Prime. Thanks to that, you can enjoy free shipping in 24 Hours, depending on your location. In case of not having this premium subscription, shipments usually take about 3-4 business days, depending on the final destination.

We are your 3D Hoodies online store

Thanks to 3DHoodies.net you can get the best cheap and on sale products. Combining perfect quality and design. If you are looking for a specific model and you cannot find it here, contact us and we will do everything in our hand to include it in our shop as soon as possible!

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