3D Octopus Hoodie


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3D Octopus Hoodie

Octopuses are cephalopod molluscs that have 8 tentacles. These are mystical animals and very popular in various cultures, since they are associated with different symbols, meanings and rituals in various countries of the world. If you love them, get now this amazin 3D Octopus Hoodie.

The symbols and meanings of the octopus are many and have a long history of exploration in relation to these meanings. It must be mentioned that it has an uncountable list of values attributed to it. A quick list of the symbolism that the octopus includes is: disposition, concentration, magic, reason, illusion, defense, mystery, strategy, potential, knowledge, density, creativity, flexibility, expansion, complexity, intelligence, adaptability, being unpredictable.

They are invertebrate animals, so they are very flexible. In addition, their skin allows them to adapt to their environment, camouflaging themselves between the sand and the rocks. They are also very intelligent and unpredictable animals, which use their tentacles and ink to defend themselves. Do not miss our more than 40 octopus designs, perfect if you like the design offered by this animal or your personality corresponds to its symbolism.