3D Wolf Hoodie


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3D Wolf Hoodie

Wolves are animals belonging to the Canis family, the same as dogs. Characterized by their aggressiveness, loyalty and cold blood, the drawings and images of wolves have been used as a symbol of power and individuality for hundreds of years. Show your love for these animals, or the similarity of your personality with theirs with this incredible 3D Wolf Hoodie, with a very attractive and galaxy-like design, in blue and purple colors.

There are many feelings and personalities that are associated with wolves. First, intelligence and cunning, since these animals are true predators capable of tricking their prey to hunt them down and get food. They are also very loyal animals, they always travel in a herd and are willing to give their lives to protect the females and their youngs. On the other hand, the concept of ‘lone wolf’ is also very popular. That wolf that does not fit into any pack and that travels alone, surviving, defending and protecting itself.

Wolves are also a great example of physical endurance and resistance, as they are able to walk tens of kilometers each day to search for prey, being able to survive several days without eating or drinking water. Wolves are usually represented in two ways:

Howling: Normally in front of the full moon. They are a representation of melancholy and memory.

– His gaze: Which shows the impression of an intelligent, determined and cunning animal, as it is the case with this 3D sweatshirt.